University of Massachusetts Fight Song Wireless Doorbell



Our University of Massachusetts Wireless Fight Song Doorbell is portable, so you can take it out to the home, office, patio, backyard or even the R.V. and know when someone rings your door bell.

Put the transmitter near your door and the chime can be placed anywhere in the house.

With our unique wireless doorbell system, you can easily upload your own MP3 fight song music file via a USB cable that you attach to your Windows laptop or computer and easily upload fight song to your horn…this programmable doorbell has an internal memory chip (2 meg. capacity) and works just like a portable thumb drive…simply plug it into any USB port and copy and paste your own MP3 fight song sound file…then go hook up your doorbell and your ready to go.

IMPORTANT: Our doorbells DO NOT come preloaded with sounds, that is your job to upload your own school fight song…but don’t worry, we will also give you the website link where you can grab your schools fight song for FREE!

You Can Download FREE Fight Songs are Right Here

Very easy to install and can replace your present doorbell, or can be an additional doorbell.

If you get tired of hearing the fight song, just push a button and it will “ding-dong”.

Customizable MP3 music capable, so you can actually upload more different sounds if you want…

You simply connect it to any computer with a USB port, then download or delete any of the MP3 sounds easily.

Complete step-by-step instructions are included.

Easy Set-up and Installation! This doorbell is wireless.

Operates at up to 200 feet.

20 seconds of sound.

Main unit uses 3 pcs AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

Sound Volume: 25-110dB…with 4 volume levels.

This is the gift of a lifetime for any family member or friend!


Additional information

Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 4 in

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